Is Alcohol Detox Painful?

It can vary widely from person to person, but it's never pleasant. The severity of the symptoms will depend on how much, and how long you drank. Your overall health, weight, genetic factors and more.

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Common Symptoms Anxiety Vomiting Shaky hands Headache Nausea Insomnia Sweating

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Severe Symptoms Confusion Racing heart Fever Heavy sweating High blood pressure Delirium tremens (DTs) Seizures

Don't Let The Fear of Unpleasant Withdrawal Symptoms Stop You!

Our doctors and nurses have helped countless patients going through detox!

How Dangerous is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Long time drinkers who experience delirium tremens (DT) will require a medical detox to quit drinking. The DTs can cause hallucinations, confusion, and physically traumatic seizures. These seizures can be deadly.

You Don't Have to go it Alone!

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Medication is Used to Mitigate Harsh Symptoms

Detox is never going to be a walk in the park but medication blunts the most severe symptoms minimizing the strain on your body. Same day admits are possible, call 866-303-6275 for a free confidential consult!

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Last?

People that require a medical detox require at least 3 days. In the case of heavier drinkers you're looking at an average of 7 days but it can last several weeks or more in extreme rare cases.

Why Choose Residential Alcohol Detox?

Our program combines attentive professional medical care with the comfort of a residential setting. Medication is provided as needed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Dual Diagnosis  Treatment

Substance abuse takes a serious toll on mental health, and people who suffer from mental health conditions often self medicate. These problems are intertwined and dual diagnosis treats both simultaneously in a holistic way. Research has shown that a majority of those seeking addiction recovery have co-occurring disorders.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis  Treatment

SAMSA says that regarding co-occurring disorders: “An important key to a successful recovery is treating both the mental heath disorder and the drug addiction at the same time.”

After Detox,  The Next Step

After detox, we encourage patients to immediately enter one of our treatment programs. We develop a personal, individualized and comprehensive addiction recovery treatment plan for each individual. Residential and outpatient programs are available.

New Start  Recovery Solutions 

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